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Q. How long should the hair before I get a wax?
A. The hair should be at least a ¼ inch long to get the best and smoothest results.

Q. Does waxing hurt?
A. We won’t lie, it hurts a little the first time than any other time because we are pulling out 100% of the hair, but with regular waxing the hair should grow back finer and more sparse, so will therefore hurt a lot less when you come back for your next wax.

Q. How long will my wax last?
A. It should last you about 3-6 weeks, every person grows hair back at a different rate.

Q. What’s the deal with “double-dipping”?
A. Not here! At Bare we practice strict sanitary guidelines. We always use a fresh pair of gloves, single use spatulas, and fresh towels. We also have feminine wipes on hand if you would like to freshen up beforehand.

Q. What exactly is a Brazilian?
A. This wax differs from place to place, but here at Bare, it’s totally Bare. You can choose to leave a small strip in front but we take it all off underneath and in the derriere, too.

Q. Can I still get a wax at “that time of the month”?
A. Sure! If you’re comfortable with it, so are we. We suggest you use a tampon and just a warning it may hurt a little more than usual as you’re more sensitive during this time.

Q. Is there anything I should know before waxing?
A. Just relax. We are experts and will make you as comfortable as possible. Make sure the hair is at least ¼ inch long. You can also take an Ibuprofen (like Advil) 1hr beforehand (if your doc allows) to help ease with pain. Do not apply any lotions, oils or creams to the waxing area prior to your appointment as it creates a barrier between the wax and skin.

Q. Are there things I should avoid after my wax?
A. Stay away from tanning of any sort for the first 48 hours. Your skin is temporarily more susceptible to sunburn and sensitivity. If you still want to tan, we advise covering the area completely. Try to avoid friction and tight clothing after a Brazilian wax for 24 hours. Skip the lotions and potions for 24 hours. Use light exfoliation the day after to prevent ingrowns and to keep the area looking smooth longer.

Our Guarantee: Your satisfaction is paramount to us, so if you are unhappy with any services you received, please notify us within 3 days and we will make it right!